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Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) is one of the prominent poets in early RenaissanceEnglish literature and is honored as “the poets’ poet”1. His poetic creation exerts greatinfluence on the following poets, such as Keats, Shelly, Wordsworth, and Yeats. JohnMilton once praised him as “a greater teacher than Scotus or Aquinas”(Areopagitica).Spenser’s The Shepheardes Calender and The Faerie Queene have won great reputationfor him. The Faerie Queene is generally considered as his masterpiece. Thismagnificent epic is embedded with symbolic, moral, and allegorical meanings, and isendowed with political, religious, and national implications.In BookⅠof The Faerie Queene, Redcrosse after dangerous adventure isphysically and spiritually weak. With the help of Una, the miserable knight finallyreceives considerate treatments from heavenly figures in the Palace of Holiness.However, although Redcross’s pain is under control after the treatment from a doctornamed Patience, his body is still in bad shape:But yet, the cause and root of all his ill,Inward corruption, and infected sin,Not purg’d nor healed, behind remained still,And festring sore did ranckle yett within,Close creeping twixt the marow and the skin.Which to extirpe, he laid him privilyDowne in a darksome lowly place far in,Whereas he meant his corrosies to apply,And with straight diet tame his stubborne malady. (Ⅰ.ⅹ.25)2“Ill” here refers to disease and both “inward corruption” and “infected sin” whichcannot be purged or healed are an indication that Redcrosse still cannot recovery fromdisease. Disease becomes one of impediments for the knight to receive the heavenlygrace from God. Further treatment therefore is necessary. He needs to stay in “darksomelowly place”, to receive the use of “corrosies” as treatment and to keep a “straight diet”.Besides Redcrosse, other diseased figures can be frequently identified in The FaerieQueene. In book 1, the enchantments of Archimago and Duessa lead to Redcross’sdepartment from the real truth, Una, and his following terrible disaster in the House ofPride where Seven Deadly Sins the knight encounters. As a matter of fact, the SevenDeadly Sins are severely diseased. From Spenser’s detailed description, it can beconcluded that Idleness, Gluttony, Lechery, Avarice, Envy, and Wrath are respectivelyrelated to “shaking fever”, “dry dropsie”, “syphilis”, “gout”, “leprous”, and “frenzyraging rife” (Ⅰ.ⅳ.18-35). In BookⅡ, body disease can still be traced. After the battlewith Fury, Pyrrhochles is in severe pain as a result of the “impalcable fyre” which “doesscorch not halfe so sore, nor damned ghoste in flaming Phlegeton does not so fellyroste” (Ⅱ.ⅵ.50.8-9). Only with the herbal medicine provided by Archimago, can this“implacble fyre” be eliminated. So this fire actually is a symptom of Pyrrhochles’sdisease. Disease can be easily and frequently identified in The Faerie Queene and playsan significant role. Professor Hamilton, chief editor of The Spenser Encyclopedia, offersgreat compliment to Spenser out of his knowledge of disease. “Among the major poetsand other literary writers of the later Middle Ages and Renaissance, Spenser may wellbe the one who least reflects the variety of diseases then known, their chief symptoms,and how they were understood” (1213). Since disease is of great importance tounderstand Spenser’s epic, the study of disease in The Faerie Queene is necessary.
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