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論文作者:www.1287130.live論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis登出時間:2017-12-28編輯:lgg點擊率:3537

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摘要:本文是高中英語教學論文,本研究的三個研究問題為:1.體裁教學法對高中學生閱讀學習有哪些影響?2.在應用體裁教學法的過程中遇到了哪些問題? 3.如何解決這些問題來使體裁教學更為有效?

Chapter 1 Int roduction

This part is a general in troduction of the th esis. It introduces the backgroundand purpose of the study firstly, then co mes to the significance of applying thegenre-based teaching approach in English reading instruction. Finally , the overallstructure of this thesis is clearly presented.

1.1 Background of the Study
English, as a tool for comm unication, is playing a m ore and more importantrole in the whole world with the developm ent of globalization. What’s more, Englishteaching enables students to communicate with each other in real life and it is givenmore attention than ever before.As we all know , reading is an impor tant way to acquire knowledge andinformation to improve the ability of language use. Reading teaching is a fundamentalpart of English teaching. In recent years, the total score for colleg e English entranceexamination is 150 points, reading com prehension occupying 40 points with therequirement of 1300-1500 words. As a result, the students are supposed to read betterand faster. According to the New Curriculum Standard published by the Ministry ofEducation, to cultivate students’ reading ability is one of the basic requ irements andfundamental objectives of English te aching in basic education stage. The NewCurriculum Standard suggests that English teaching should put more emphasis onenhancing students’ comprehensive language ability instead of the linguisticknowledge alone. And the New Curriculum Standard defines the new goals of students’interest in reading, to increase their reading confidence, and to cultivate theirawareness of genre. Therefore, it is of vital importance to help students improve theirreading from various of aspects.A large number of teachers and expert s have attached great importance toreading in the past few years. In additi on, lots of studies ha ve been done aboutEnglish reading by well-known teachers and researchers. However, the results are notfulfilling. Many teachers still use the trad itional methods to explain the words andgrammar, and they regard training student s’ correctness of answering questions astheir single goal. The teach ing center onl y stays on explaining the words on thesurface of a text, besides some relevant language points, the students’ impression of atext can only be fragm ents and they have no real understanding of the discourse. Sothe teaching results are not ideal.

1.2 Purpose of the Study
Genre and genre-based teaching teaching approach aims at enabling students tomaster features and generic structures of different genres, which can in turn help themanalyze the reading texts in a better way. The pedagogy has been brought into sharpfocus since the 1980s. It is an excellent way to teach reading, writing, listening andspeaking supported by the rese archers all over the world. A ccording to the results ofsome researches conducted by the scholars, th ere are various types of genres in thetextbook in senior high, mostly are: narration, exposition and argumentation. In thisthesis, the researcher intends to find out the effects and problems of applying thisapproach to reading teaching in senor high sc hool, and then try her best to seek outthe ways to solve the problems. This study consists of three research questions:1) What are the ef fects of genre-based t eaching approach on sen ior high schoo lstudents’reading learning?2) What are the problems of genre-based teaching app論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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