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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background
For more than half a century, linguists have shown their research interests inphraseology. It is now universally acknowledged that language appears frequentlyformulaic in nature, and that phraseological competence along with communicativecompetence, plays an important role of native-like, fluent and idiomatic language use(Pawley & Syder, 1983; Wray & Perkins, 2000). It is also becoming an apparentphenomenon that phraseology contributes significantly to foreign language learningand teaching (Sinclair, 1991; Nattinger & DeCarrico, 1992; Lewis, 1993, 1997;Howarth, 1998; Wray, 2002). Just as a combination of grammar, semantics andpragmatics, the widespread use of phraseological units or formulaic sequences such asa variety of sub-types collocations, phrasal verbs, lexical bundles and idioms, etc.,may have positive or negative impact on the three dimensions of language learningproficiency, namely, complexity, accuracy and fluency (Housen & Kuiken, 2009).With the advent of corpus and corresponding technology, the computer-aidedcorpus researches (Altenberg & Eeg-Olofsson, 1990; Altenberg, 1998; Sinclair, 1991;Granger, 1998; Moon, 1998) have made it possible to search extremely large bodiesof text for recurrent word sequences.Since formulaic sequences are the centre of corpus linguistic studies, thelearner corpus research (LCR) is no exception. The past decade has witnessed aproliferation of related phraseological researches on the basis of learner corpora.According to Granger & Paquot (2012), learner corpora can be roughly defined aselectronic collections of texts which are produced by foreign or second languagelearners. Learner corpora have two distinguishing features that make them an idealsource of data to probe into L2 learners’ phraseological competence (e.g. the wholeset of formulaic sequences in L2 learners’ language): (1) Learner corpora embodycontinuous stretches of oral or written discourses other than decontextualized words,phrases or sentences. (2) Learner corpora typically contain data resulting frompedagogical tasks which permit language learners to produce their own wordinginstead of being requested to produce a particular wording or structure (Granger,2008). In addition, as the natural language data in learner corpora is in electronicformat, researchers can easily retrieve and utilize a whole range of automatedmethods and computer tools to identify and analyze the targeted formulaic sequencesin second or foreign learners’ language. It is no denying that there exist many types oflanguage learners and learning settings, and learner language, or what Selinker (1972)firstly defined as interlanguage, is highly heterogeneous. Learner corpora data arecompiled based on strict corpora design criteria, pertaining to the learners (age,gender, mother tongue background, number of years spent in studying language, etc.)and tasks (topics, style of writing, timing, etc.).

1.2 Objective of the Study
The first objective of the current study is to investigate the role of formulaicsequences in English written test for Chinese senior high school students. The presentstudy tends to prove whether the higher frequency use of formulaic sequences, thehigher written scores learners will get. For this purpose, the present study took the useof formulaic sequences in the fifth rank (excellent level) written texts as the &tar論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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