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1. 知識生態理論視角下的隱性知識轉移機理及模式研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Research Background Recently, knowledge resource is becoming the core competency of corporations bygradually replacing the traditional material resources. Knowledge has become one ofthe biggest concerns of corporates. We are entering into the so-ca
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:4208     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

2. 敦煌和蘭州服務人員回應詢問話語的對比研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Speech actsare realized differently across different social and cultural norms. Besides, theperformance modes reflect to a certain degree the social and national characters of anethnic group. Because the study of speech acts
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3074     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

3. 概念整合視域下品牌名的認知分析[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Introduction It is concerned with uncovering the internal meaningconstruction processes to reveal significance of kinds of expressions. After Fauconnierand Turner have proposed this theory, many linguists are wild about applying this theoryto different fields, seeing that it has a st
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3319     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

4. 體裁分析視角下的中美政治領導人公眾演講對比研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter I INTRODUCTION This thesis intends to empirically investigate the macro-structure similaritiesand differences between the public speeches delivered by Chinese political leaders inAmerican universities (CPLiAU) and American political leaders in Chineseuniversities (APLiCU) wit
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3269     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

5. 英語語篇的人際銜接和諧研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter OneIntroduction 1.1 Research Background The Theory of Cohesive Harmony functions as a cohesive device of measuring thevariation of English textual coherence. The theory focuses on the experiential meaningof language and the semantic relations among the lexical items. H
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3461     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

6. 矛盾與焦慮《英倫魔法師》的哥特元素研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Introduction A. Jane Smiley and Her Works Born on September 26, 1949 in Los Angeles, United States, Jane Smiley isuniversally considered as one of the most prominent female writers in contemporaryAmerican literature. As a member of American Academy of Arts and Letters and theA
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3701     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

7. 凱蒂·佩里音樂錄像帶中對傳統性別形象的顛覆[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Introduction Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known professionally as Katy Perry rose to fame in2008 with the release of the single I Kissed a Girl and then successfully arousedpeople’s attention. With more singles released all over the world, Perry has becomeone of the most popular singer
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3600     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 dissertation

8. 獨立學院非英語專業學生交際策略培訓的實證研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION 1.1 A Brief Description of the Study The participants were two intact classes of 58 non-English majors in JingjiangIndependent College, Jiangsu University. One class was randomly designated as theexperimental group (EG), and the other as the control gro
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:3377     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

9. 晉語邯新片湯陰方言入聲韻變化的社會英語語言學調查研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Background of the present research Entering tone (also known as Ru tone), a tone value spoken by Middle Chinese, is made up of three different plosive terminal [-p], [-t], [-k],
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1705     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

10. 哈薩克族雙語高中生母語l1與漢語l2對英語l3被動語態習得影響[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • 1. Introduction The role of native language in foreign language teaching and learning is always acontroversy question. Many linguists made a lot of researches and comments on therelationship between them. And the effects of language transfer have been reassessed manytimes. In the 198
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1725     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

11. 基于英語課堂互動會話的初中學生身份建構研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Background of the study In recent years, study of the relationship between discourse and identity has become a hot topic in the area of sociolinguistics. Bo
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1838     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

12. 英語比較結構中“還”和“更”的語義研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Motivation of the Study Comparison has been regarded as one of the most common methods forhumankind to describe the differences between two entities. Every language has itsown ways of expressing comparison. As David Hume wrote in Of the Dignity orM
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1419     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

13. 伯克同一理論視角下的2012年-2015年美國國情咨文探析[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Literature Review 1.1 Previous Studies on Burke’s Identification Theory Kenneth Burke is the leader of New Rhetoric which has attracted lots of concern in the world. Identific
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1586     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

14. 英語課程作業結構范文:當代經濟學家解釋跨國企業和全球供應鏈的行為方式co..[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 導師布置的Assignment寫作千都會告知題目和要求,所以assignment寫作的第一步就是讀題。那這篇文章來說首先要明確導師提出的題目和learning outcome。例如,有一篇assignment的要求是這樣的“Discuss the ways in which contemporary economists explain the behaviour of MNEs and global supply chains.”從這個要求中,就可以明確整篇文章的題目與結構了。大致的框架如下:
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1110     論文屬性:作業 Assignment

15. 和諧管理-順應視閾下修正現象的語用研究[內容預覽]收費論文 Charging Thesis
  • Chapter One Introduction The aim of this chapter is expected to introduce something about the study of repair from five dimensions. It starts with research &n
  • 論文類別:英語論文范文     人氣:1767     論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis

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