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1. 職稱英語綜合類閱讀理解原文模擬試題(5) [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 閱讀下面的短文。每篇短文的后面有五個問題,每個問題有四個備選答案。請根據短文的內容選擇最佳答案。每個試題計3分,共計15分   A Tale of Scottish Rural Life   Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song (1932) was voted “the best Scottish novel of all time”by Scottish’s reading public in 20051 Once considered shocking for its frank description of aspects of the
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3034     論文屬性:短文 essay

2. 職稱英語綜合類閱讀理解原文模擬試題(4) [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 閱讀下面的短文。每篇短文的后面有五個問題,每個問題有四個備選答案。請根據短文的內容選擇最佳答案。每個試題計3分,共計15分  Find Yourself Packing It On?Blame Friends  Obesity can spread from person to person,much like a virus,researchers are reporting today.When one person gains weight,close friends tend to gain weight,too.  Their study,published
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2973     論文屬性:短文 essay

3. 職稱英語綜合類閱讀理解原文模擬試題(3) [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 閱讀下面的短文。每篇短文的后面有五個問題,每個問題有四個備選答案。請根據短文的內容選擇最佳答案。每個試題計3分,共計15分   The Only Way Is Up   Think of a modem city and the first image that come to mind is the skyline.It is full of great buildings,pointing like fingers to heaven.It is true that some cities don’t permit buildings to go above a cert
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2797     論文屬性:短文 essay

4. 職稱英語綜合類閱讀理解原文模擬試題(2) [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 閱讀下面的短文。每篇短文的后面有五個問題,每個問題有四個備選答案。請根據短文的內容選擇最佳答案。每個試題計3分,共計15分   Silence Please   Ifthere is one group of workers across the Western world who will be glad that Christmas is over,that group is shop workers.   It is not that they like to complain.They realize that they are going to be rus
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2908     論文屬性:短文 essay

5. 職稱英語綜合類閱讀理解原文模擬試題(1)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 閱讀下面的短文。每篇短文的后面有五個問題,每個問題有四個備選答案。請根據短文的內容選擇最佳答案。每個試題計3分,共計15分   Eat Healthy   “Clean your plate!”and “Be a member of the clean-plate club1!”Just about every kid in the US has heard this from a parent or grandparent.Often,it’s accompanied by an appeal:“Just think about those starving o
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2733     論文屬性:短文 essay

6. 職稱英語考試綜合類閱讀判斷模擬試題(三)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Lower Body Fat Means Better Performance   These days,fashion models and pop stars are not the only people who have to watch their waistline.Football players who miss a few kicks and let their belly hanging out a little too much are likely to be attacked by rabid fans or even the president of a
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2728     論文屬性:短文 essay

7. 職稱英語考試綜合類閱讀判斷模擬試題(二)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Will Hillary Be the Next American President?    Back in 1969,US President Richard Nixon confidently predicted:“In the next 50 years,we shall see a woman president,perhaps sooner than you think1.”    Today,not too far off Nixon’s deadline,America is looking at that possibility.Over the weeke
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2825     論文屬性:短文 essay

8. 職稱英語考試綜合類閱讀判斷模擬試題(一)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • A New Start  After Christmas comes the anti-Christmas.If the festive season is all about filing up on the things you like that are bad for you,then the new year is the ’detox season’-when people across the western world adopt special diets to lose weight and get rid of the vague feeling that th
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2753     論文屬性:短文 essay

9. 職稱英語(綜合類c級)全真模擬試題 [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 第一部分:詞匯選擇(第1-15題,每題1分,共15分) 下面共有15句子,每個句子均有一個詞或短語劃有底橫線,請從每個句子后面所給的四個選項中選擇一個與劃線部分意義最相近的詞或短語。答案一律涂在答題卡相應的位置上。 1. The normal price of a ticket for an adult is $230. A) ordinary B)proper C) fair D)medium 2.We have to ask them to quit talking in order that all people present could he
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:7368     論文屬性:短文 essay

10. 職稱英語(綜合類b級)全真模擬試題 [內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 第一部分:詞匯選擇(第1-15題,每題1分,共15分) 下面共有15句子,每個句子均有一個詞或短語劃有底橫線,請從每個句子后面所給的四個選項中選擇一個與劃線部分意義最相近的詞或短語。答案一律涂在答題卡相應的位置上。 1.We have to ask them to quit talking in order that all people present could hear us clearly. A) decrease B)cease C) continue D)keep 2. They had a far better yield tha
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:8128     論文屬性:短文 essay

11. 職稱英語(綜合類a級)全真模擬試題[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 第一部分:詞匯選擇(第1-15題,每題1分,共15分) 下面共有15句子,每個句子均有一個詞或短語劃有底橫線,請從每個句子后面所給的四個選項中選擇一個與劃線部分意義最相近的詞或短語。答案一律涂在答題卡相應的位置上。 1 There's no fun in spending the whole evening playing cards. A enjoyment B strength C temper D excitement 2 On Thanksgiving in the United States, families gather and give tha
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:6069     論文屬性:短文 essay

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